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Celebrate academic success to the fullest!

Celebrate academic success to the fullest!

Blitztest is a free service. We try to make learning on the project accessible to all people, we do not limit access to the site's trainers and other materials to a paid subscription and we do not place ads on the site. We believe that learning can be fun and free at the same time. If you share our mission, please support us by purchasing a patron account.

What will the money be used for?

Your money will be used to develop the project and pay for the ongoing costs of the site, including hosting, Laravel Forge service, GitHub, image purchases, programmer time and designer services.

What gives a patron account?

A patron's account is highlighted in user account with a special icon confirming sponsor status. But, in fact, the only difference between a patron account and a free one is a tangible contribution to the development of the project.

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