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Online test for knowledge of dictionary words of the Russian language from the school program. Specify classes, number of words in the test and start dictionary dictionary dictation of Russian for practicing writing complex words.

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Description of the simulator

The dictionary simulator is designed to learn, repeat and memorize dictionary words of the Russian language from the school program. Lessons in the simulator takes the form of dictionary dictation. Brief description of the simulator:

  • 2000+ dictionary words for 1-10 grades;
  • Selection for a test of one or more classes;
  • Enter letters from a given set of letters or from the keyboard;
  • Measuring keypad input speed in speed-printing mode;
  • Skip entering obvious letters;
  • Input and memorization of words with errors are excluded;
  • Error handling is an obligatory stage of testing;
  • Conclusion of word values as the test progresses;
  • Free of charge and without registration.

Growth in achievement in the Russian language at school

Regular training in the simulator improves the overall level of literacy and guarantees an increase in Russian language proficiency at school.

In the simulator it is convenient to prepare for Russian lessons at school: to study dictionary words only for your class or several classes at once. A couple of tests on the eve of dictionary dictation at school or during the break between lessons will refresh your memory of complex words and set your student up for a Russian lesson.

Full school curriculum coverage

The simulator includes 2000+ vocabulary words for grades 1-10 of the school program. The list of vocabulary words of the Russian language by classes:

The online test will just take a minute.

We have taken care of the simplicity and convenience of the simulator for children, eliminated the introduction of obvious letters and reduced the answers to a minimum. At the same time, we are thoughtfully and responsibly choosing letters as substitutes for the correct answer. This difficult task is solved by an expert who managed to make 5 errors in a word during school years.

Emphasis on correct spelling of complex words

Input and memorization of wrong spelling of dictionary words are excluded in the simulator. As you pass the online test, the simulator records errors, not allowing you to enter the wrong answer, and highlights the letters in the words in which the user made a mistake. Thus accentuates the correct spelling of complex words, which is additionally fixed during the mandatory work on errors.

Interpretation of words will not be superfluous

Not every schoolboy interprets the meaning of words rigging, plot, rug, motion, pathos, vignette or warehouse. And these are dictionary words from the Russian language school curriculum. Well, it's no trouble! The dictionary words simulator displays the interpretation of each word immediately after checking spelling. It's a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and refill your vocabulary without looking into the dictionary.

Combine useful with useful

Enable speed-printing mode in Dictionary Trainer and develop useful keyboard skills with spell checker. The simulator will measure and display the average speed of typing in characters per minute at the end of the test. And before you start typing each word, you can listen to the audio recording again, and at the end of the test, read the interpretation calmly. This will not affect the print speed measured by the simulator.

Learn to play!

Developing and educational games are power. Focus and positive motivation in the game ensure that you learn the material firmly.

So we took the first step towards playing the Blitz and added asterisks, sounds, animation and confetti to the simulator. And, of course, we're not going to stop there. We have big plans to develop the Vocabulary Trainer and the Blitz in general. Stay with us - come in more often! It's just getting started.