Russian Language Vocabulary Trainer

An online school program-based Russian language vocabulary test. Indicate your grades, number of words in a test and start the Russian language dictation to practice the spelling of difficult words.


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Master Russian vocabulary!

The vocabulary trainer is intended for learning, repeating and memorizing the Russian language school program vocabulary. The vocabulary trainer tests language skills by a lexical dictation method. A brief description of the trainer:

  • A 2000+ vocabulary for grades 1-10;
  • Optional use of a single grade test or multiple grade test;
  • Typing letters from the specified set or from the keyboard;
  • Measuring keyboard typing speed in the typing speed mode;
  • Typing with clearly defined letters skipped;
  • Erroneous words are kept out of typing and storing;
  • An error correction procedure is an obligatory test phase;
  • Word meanings are displayed throughout a test;
  • Test results will drop into your personal account.

Study for good

To make it easier to remember the questions from the Blitztest trainer, the site features the smart repetition system, an effective way to remember information. The system is automatically enabled for authorized users. Just choose your goal and start studying.

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Good progress in learning the Russian language in school

Regular guided practice helps at improving literacy and to ensure good progress in learning the Russian language in school.

This trainer is a user-friendly tool applicable for preparing for Russian language lessons taught in school: to learn a vocabulary provided in your own class, or in several following classes at once. A couple of tests taken just before any lexical dictation in school, or during a lesson break, will make it possible to refresh previously memorized difficult words and to prepare a trainee for any expected Russian language lesson.

Full school program coverage

The trainer contains a 2000+ school program vocabulary for grades 1-10. A grade-ranked Russian language vocabulary list.

It will take just a minute to pass an online test

We have done our very best to make the trainer easy for children to use; we excluded input of clearly defined letters and minimized alternative replies. On the other hand, we have made a thoughtful and responsible approach to selecting letters-substitutes as an alternative to a correct reply. This kind of a non-simple problem is solved by the expert, who in his school years once managed to make 5 errors in the word “coefficient”.

The issue of the correct spelling of difficult words is accentuated

This trainer prevents the typing and memorizing of vocabulary words that have been corrected erroneously. The trainer picks up errors, preventing the user from typing any incorrect replies and strikes out letters in words wrongly selected by a user as long as a testing procedure is in progress. In this way, the matter of the correct spelling of difficult words is emphasized and additionally reinforced during an obligatory error correction procedure.

The interpretation of words is also fruitful

It is hard to say that any schoolboy or schoolgirl can explain the meaning of such words as “rigging”, “fabula”, “constitutional”, “pathos”, “vignette”, or “warehouse”. And these words are included in the Russian school program vocabulary. Well, it doesn’t matter! The vocabulary trainer displays the meaning of every word immediately after checking for spelling mistakes. This is an excellent chance to extend a range of own interests and to gain a range of words without having to look at any dictionary.

Useful and helpful features combined into one

Enable the typing speed test mode and develop useful keyboard skills along with improving literacy. After a test is terminated the trainer will specify your average typing speed and display symbols per minute. It is also possible to listen to the audio records again before typing every word and to read its meaning on completion. It will not interfere with the typing speed as specified by the trainer.

Track your progress

Register to track your progress on the Russian Language Vocabulary Trainer in your personal account. The results feed contains the detailed information for each passed test: number of questions in the test, test result, trainer settings, as well as the date and time of the test.

Customize the trainer for yourself

To maximize the use and enjoyment of the trainer, take a moment to explore the settings and modes of the service. Study mode is suitable to comfortably learn new vocabulary words, while “Difficult words” mode is more appropriate for advanced training. Solve words by interpretation, individual letters and word length with the “Questions on word meanings” mode or train your touch typing skills in the “Typing speed test mode”.

Play to learn!

Development and educational games are target-force knowledge based. Focused attention and positive motivation practices ensure proper learning of any material.

Therefore, we have taken our first step towards Blitztest gamification, and added stars, sounds, animation and confetti to the trainer. And we certainly, don’t intend to stop there. We have extensive plans to develop the Vocabulary Trainer and Blitztest as a whole. Stay with us — visit us as much as you can! This is only the beginning.