Mobile application

The Android app for learning
Russian vocabulary words
with pleasant relaxing music
free and no-ads

The vocabulary words are in your pocket!

«Grammatic» — an alternative way of learning Russian vocabulary words for grades 1-10.

dictionary words

A joint project of Blitztest and the "Lorne" company. An Android app for learning Russian vocabulary words, developing the skill of conscious reading, improving literacy and erudition. Solve vocabulary words by its meaning in the atmosphere of pleasant relaxing music in the style of Chillout. Practice spelling complex words naturally and easily. Free and no-ads.

  • Enjoy the music in the app.
  • Expand your vocabulary.
  • Solve words like crossword puzzles.
  • Develop the skill of conscious reading.
  • Manage the tests in the settings.
  • Pump up your Russian language skills.
  • Learn words and meanings in English.
  • Get trophies for academic achievement.

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Trophies for academic excellence

Practice hard and your efforts will not go in vain. Get cute animal trophy icons to reward you for a series of correct answers or the amount of questions you’ve completed. Trophies are installed on the main application screen.

Words and meanings in English

Switch to English in the settings to expand your vocabulary and comprehension skills in a foreign language. All the same Russian dictionary words, only the spelling and meanings of the words are in English. Play to learn!