Mental Math Trainer

Online test to test your knowledge of the multiplication table and your oral counting skills. Select the arithmetic action, number of questions in the test, and proceed to test your addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication skills.

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Description of the simulator

The oral calculator is designed to test your knowledge of the multiplication table and to train your computational skills: the ability to add and subtract, divide and multiply. The simulator develops memory, concentration and speed of reaction, helps primary school students bring their oral counting skills to an automatic level, and helps high school students quickly refresh their memory of the multiplication table before a school control or exam.

  • Examples of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.
  • Training of mathematical skills in a playful way.
  • Composition of numbers and hints during the test.
  • Quick checking of verbal counting skills.
  • Error handling is a mandatory part of the test.
  • Suitable for studying the multiplication table.
  • Tests on a given multiplier, divider, summand or subtraction.
  • Examples of increased difficulty with negative and two-digit numbers.
  • Easy entry of answers from the smartphone screen.
  • Free and without registration.

Math progress in school

Regular training in the simulator develops oral counting skills and guarantees an increase in math achievement at school.

The challenge for mathematics in primary school is to teach children to solve examples in four arithmetic actions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The school teaches children to count in writing, but it is equally important to develop oral numeracy skills. In the simulator it is convenient to teach multiplication and division within 100 and practice oral counting in the framework of the primary school mathematics program. Difficult modes will help high school students consolidate the computational skills needed to solve problems in geometry and trigonometry.

Develop memory and concentration

In life, we are faced with daily challenges that require quick solutions. The seller weighed the apples and named the price. If he made a mistake, we have a few seconds to correct it before paying for the purchase. An online verbal counting machine develops reaction speed, trains memory and concentration, and brings oral counting skills to automation.

Train only what you need

Choose the arithmetic action you need in the Oral Training Manual and one or more multipliers, dividers, subtractions or subtractions. Use the settings of the machine to practice speaking with a given number, take a full multiplication table test, solve high difficulty cases with negative numbers, or practice speaking with high numbers.

Draw on clues

The oral calculator is not only a handy tool for controlling knowledge, but also a reliable assistant in mastering and developing mathematical skills. In the course of the online test, the simulator displays hints for each example: the composition of a number or specific mathematical expressions to complement the example.

Adjust the complexity of the examples

Train addition and subtraction within twenty or turn on the Large numbers mode and count within a hundred with a jump through the dozens. Adjust the difficulty of examples by multiplication and division: stay within the multiplication table or multiply and divide by two-digit numbers as well. Use the "Negative numbers" switch to add numbers below zero to the examples.

Learn to play!

Developing and educational games are power. Focus and positive motivation in the game ensure that you learn the material firmly.

We have taken care of the simplicity and convenience of the simulator for children and have tried to optimize it for mobile devices and tablets. For the youngest users who have difficulty keeping their concentration, we made it possible to limit the test to five questions and added astronaut, stars, sounds, animation and confetti to the simulator.