Mental Math Gym

An online multiplication table and mental arithmetic skill test. Choose any arithmetic operation, number of test questions and begin testing your addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication skills.

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Develop mental math skills effectively

The Mental Math Gym will help you test your knowledge of multiplication tables, as well as practice addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication skills. Regular practice with the tool improves cognitive functions such as memory, focus and reaction speed. Elementary school students learn mental arithmetic skills, and middle and high school students brush up their multiplication tables prior to tests and exams.

  • Multiplication, division, addition and subtraction examples.
  • Practicing math skills through play.
  • Figure composition and prompts are displayed throughout a test.
  • Mental arithmetic skills are rapidly checked out.
  • An error correction procedure is an obligatory test phase.
  • Suitable for learning multiplication tables.
  • A preset multiplier, divisor, item or deduction test.
  • Negative and two-figure number examples with increased difficulty.
  • User friendly smartphone screen input of replies.
  • Test results will drop into your personal account.

Study for good

To make it easier to remember the questions from the Blitztest trainer, the site features the smart repetition system, an effective way to remember information. The system is automatically enabled for authorized users. Just choose your goal and start studying.

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Good progress in learning mathematics in school

Regular guided practice helps at developing mental arithmetic skills, and to ensure good progress in learning math in school.

Elementary school math curriculum introduces students to the concepts, and practice, of four key arithmetics skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, an division. The school system teaches our children to calculate in writing, but not to develop mental arithmetic skills. This tool is a suitable tool used for multiplying and dividing numbers from 0 to 100 as specified under the elementary school math curriculum. Increased difficulty modes help senior trainees reinforce the calculation skills applicable when solving geometric and trigonometric tasks.

Develop your memory and concentration

In real life, we daily come across a number of problems that need to be solved promptly on the spot. A vendor has to weigh the apples and tell the customer what they will cost. If he makes a mistake we have only a few seconds to correct him/her before making any payment. The Mental Math Gym makes it possible to develop speed of reaction, to practice memory and concentration and to overlearn mental arithmetic skills.

Train the relevant capacities only

Select necessary arithmetic operations in the Mental Math Gym, picking out one or several multipliers, divisors, items, or deductions. Use the tool settings for practicing mental arithmetic skills when operating a preset number, passing an entire multiplication table test, solving advanced examples with negative numbers or making mental arithmetic tasks with large numbers.

Use prompt guides

The Mental Math Gym is not only a useful knowledge evaluation tool, but also a reliable assistant that can be used for developing math skills. The tool displays prompts to every example throughout an online test, in particular: figure composition and specific example-complementing math expressions.

Adjust problems complexity

Practice your addition and subtraction skills with numbers up to twenty, or enable the “Large Numbers” mode to add or subtract double digit numbers with carry over. Adjust the complexity of multiplication and division problems: operate within the multiplication table or multiply and divide double-digit numbers, as well. Use switch “Negative Numbers” for adding subzero numbers to examples.

Play to learn!

Educational games are a powerful learning instrument. Focused attention and positive motivation practices ensure proper learning of any material.

We have done our very best to make the tool easy to use for children, and to optimize it for mobile devices. For the users with limited ability to focus, we have made it possible to limit the test to five questions and we have supplemented the tool with an astronaut, stars, noises, animation, and confetti.