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Blitztest is an interactive educational project targeted mainly at children. We have made Blitztest free of charge and free of ads since we believe in accessible, high-quality and modern education for children.

Hello there! My name is Alexander Martynov. I am the programmer, founder and co-author of Blitztest. I had the bright idea to create a website-based educational online game with useful school knowledge naturally integrated into the topic and game process, which has been in operation since 2014 when the project was first launched. I hope that you will find the website materials helpful, and that they will be effectively adopted by your children, just like mine!

A programmer, a methodologist and a designer are involved in the project on a constant basis. We work with enthusiasm, passion and with the desire to make our powerful contribution in the development of interactive education practices. Blitztest is under continuous development: we program new modes, improve design, refresh materials and correct errors. We have a vision of the future and we are ready to make arrangements like Napoleon's plans: to start up an online educational card game shop, to design website gamification, to integrate the system for storing educational materials, winning points and players' ratings, to open personal accounts and to launch mobile apps... Only your support can help us to achieve such ambitious plans in the foreseeable future!

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