West Africa

Abuja City Gate, African Renaissance Monument, Agadez Mosque, Arch 22, Bandiagara Escarpment, Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, Basilique de l'Immaculée Conception, Bissau Cathedral, Black Star Square, Cape Coast Castle, Chinguetti Mosque, Cotonou Cathedral, Defense Headquarters Ship House, Door of No Return, Ouidah, Freetown Central Mosque, Grand Mosque of Conakry, Great Mosque of Djenné, Great Mosque of Porto-Novo, Great Mosque of Touba, House of Deputies in Yamoussoukro, IFAN Museum of African Arts, Independence Monument, Jubilee House, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Larabanga Mosque, Monument Al Quoods, Monument du 22 Novembre 1970, Conakry, Monument of Fiftieth Anniversary Bobo-Dioulasso, Monument to the Heroes of the Black Army, Mosque of Divinity, National Assembly Complex, National Christian Centre, National People's Assembly, National Theatre of Ghana, Ouagadougou Cathedral, Our Lady of Victories Cathedral, Dakar, Parliament House of Ghana, Praia City Hall, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bamako, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Lomé, Saudi Mosque, St. Paul's Cathedral, Abidjan, Tamberma villages, The Grand Mosque Bobo-Dioulasso, The Grand Mosque in Yamoussoukro, University of Ghana, University of Liberia, Zinder, Zuma Rock.

Balance — 3 blitzcoins.