Tropical forests of Central and South America

Agalychnis callidryas, Bald uakari, Black caiman, Blue-and-yellow macaw, Boa constrictor, Brown anole, Coiban agouti, Common marmoset, Emperor tamarin, Excidobates captivus, Giant anteater, Golden lion tamarin, Golden poison frog, Green anaconda, Green jay, Guatemalan black howler, Harpy eagle, Hyacinth macaw, Jaguar, Keel-billed toucan, Knight anole, Morpho_cypris, Morpho_menelaus, Paradise tanager, Red-fan parrot, Scarlet macaw, South American tapir, Spectacled bear, Strawberry poison-dart frog, Toco toucan, White-bellied spider monkey, White-faced saki.

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