Why register?

Register on the site to track your online test progress for the site trainers in your user account. Detailed information on each test is stored in the user results feed. Moreover, for authorized users, Blitztest has a smart repetition system, an effective way to remember information.

Leitner system

Repetition of material at increasing intervals and a focus on the most difficult questions to remember make Leitner’s system an effective tool for remembering information and locking knowledge into long-term memory. The smart repetition system is automatically enabled for authorized users. Just choose a goal and start studying.

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User results feed

Details on student’s performance on each of the tests taken is accessible in the user’s account. You can view the results of all the tests, simulator settings, date and time of testing. Below is an example of a user results feed.

Test on Asia, America, Africa, Europe and Oceania countries.
Difficult questions
Country capitals
Small countries
Detailed borders
June 3, 2023
3:26 am
Test on America, Africa and Oceania countries.
Detailed borders
August 8, 2023
12:58 pm
A test for 1, 7 and 8 grades.
Learning mode
Typing speed test mode
Allow е instead of ё
Difficult questions
Questions on word meanings
February 1, 2024
2:48 pm
Test on Asia, America, Europe and Oceania countries.
Country capitals
Small countries
April 18, 2023
4:07 am
A test for 4 and 6 grades.
Allow е instead of ё
March 31, 2023
11:59 am