Deleting the results of an inactive user

If 3 months have passed since the last test in Blitztest trainers, we will send an email alert to the user about the upcoming automatic archiving of the inactive user's results in 7 days. The archiving will completely reset the results feed, My Topics section, and the user's progress through the smart repetition system. All questions will return to the first repetition bucket. At the same time, the user will retain their account, all Blitzcoins earned, rewards, and total number of questions, quizzes, and class days completed.

To cancel the archiving and keep the current data and progress, the user has 7 days and two options to choose from:

  • log in and take any quiz to extend the retention period for another 3 months.
  • pay for a sponsor account and get an extended retention period (up to 4 years).

After archiving, the data of an inactive user is saved for exactly one year. During this period, the results can be restored only by paying for a premium account — restoration will take place automatically after payment. After one year, the archived data is irretrievably deleted.