Blitzcoins and rewards

Blitzcoins are the in-game currency of the site. Earn blitzcoins in the Blitztest trainers and exchange them for rewards — pictures of animals and landmarks of the world.

— blitzcoin

Blitzcoins are awarded automatically for correct answers in the site's trainers. Every 5 correct answers in the Leitner system earns the registered user 1 blitzcoin. In addition, the user receives bonus blitzcoins when all goal questions are moved to the next virtual repetition box and when the Leitner goal is fully studied. Moreover, the more questions in the goal, and the closer the goal is to a full study, the more blitzcoins the user will get.

The accumulated blitzcoins can be exchanged for picture rewards in the “Landmarks” and “Animals” sections. Such bonuses are designed to increase interest in the Blitztest educational trainers and reinforce positive student motivation. At the same time, the rewards offered for blitzcoins constitute a kind of mini encyclopedia of the Planet Earth and contribute to the natural broadening of a student's horizons. All the animals on the site are categorized according to their natural ecosystems (biomes), and landmarks are distributed by countries of the world. Reward pages are supplemented with Wikipedia summaries of a particular landmark or animal.

Receiving bonuses directly within the development environment of Blitztest allows you to record and celebrate achievements on the platform. When a student successfully passes the tests and studies their goals, they receive rewards in addition to knowledge. This builds motivation to learn and develops the skill of setting and achieving goals. Rewards in the Blitztest personal account can please the child, at the same time strengthening interest and love for learning, forming the character of a purposeful, hardworking person who cannot imagine life without learning and reaching new heights.