Meet the World Countries Trainer!

April 14, 2021

The Blitztest educational project has been expanded with the World Countries Trainer. The trainer will allow you to learn the geographical position of states on the modern political map, learn amazing facts about cities and countries, and improve your general level of geographical, environmental and cultural awareness.

The World Countries Trainer is a handy way to get started with a political map of the world or to explore new regions. For each country, the trainer includes a brief Wikipedia summary. One page summarizes the political system and the alternative names of the state, the capital and the largest cities, information about the area, GDP and population, as well as the flag, emblem and national anthem.

You decide which parts of the world to test on and whether to include questions about states with small territories, discover new countries in the study mode, or test your knowledge with the mode of complex questions.

Explore the world, discover new cultures, get great grades on geography tests!