New modes of the Russian Language Vocabulary Trainer

February 2, 2021

The site update of February 2, 2021 adds 4 new modes to the Vocabulary Trainer: “Study mode”, “Allow е instead of ё”, “Questions on word meanings” and “Difficult words” to the existing “Typing speed test mode”.

Let’s take a brief look at the new features of the trainer.

The “Study mode” is designed to comfortably learn new material. For the whole test, the correct answers will be revealed upfront. You will then proceed to independently enter the words yourself in order to reinforce the material you’ve learned.

In the “Allow е instead of ё” mode entering the letter е instead of ё is not considered a mistake.

The “Questions on word meanings” mode resembles solving a crossword puzzle. The user is offered to solve a given Russian word by its interpretation, individual letters and word length.

In the “Difficult words” mode the test will get only the words in which the trainer users, according to statistics, make mistakes more often than 25%.

Adding the new functionality makes studying vocabulary words in the Russian Language Vocabulary Trainer even more convenient. Moreover, the test results are stored in the personal accounts of the registered users.