The Vocabulary Trainer just got better and smarter

February 10, 2021

The third update of the website in 2021 is dedicated to improving the quality of the Russian Language Vocabulary Trainer. The changes primarily affected the algorithm by which the trainer selects replacement letters and places in words for questions. In addition, a number of errors was corrected and some missing accents in the vocabulary base were filled.

As a result of the above changes, the trainer has become better and smarter, and most importantly, more useful to users. For example, in the new version, unlike the previous one, the trainer carefully offers to write the word “честно” without the letter т, “бульон” — with the letter ё, “приду” — with the letter й, “дотла” — separated, and “бефстроганов” — without the letter ф. And on average, the trainer will ask slightly more questions on one dictionary word than before. However, as soon as the service will accumulate statistics on the new algorithm, the number of questions will decrease. The trainer will begin to skip some parts of the words where users are almost never wrong.