January updates on the Geography Trainer

January 2, 2024

Work on the Geography Trainer continues. Over the past month since the New Year, a number of additions have been made to the geographic trainer and related pages, and some errors and inaccuracies have been corrected.

For example, now in the study mode it is possible to change the map type, and in the “Sprint” mode in case of an error the system will display the riddled geographical object.

The trainer emphasizes the connection between countries, regions and their capitals. Thus, the capitals are explicitly displayed in the test questions by countries and regions. Clicking on a country in a capital quiz is now recognized as an answer, as is clicking on a capital city in a country quiz.

In the test questions on the subjects of the Russian Federation, the capitals of the subjects are now displayed.

Removed restrictions on canceling an already started geography test — stop tests whenever you want. If less than 3 questions are passed the test will be canceled completely, and for 3 or more questions the test results will be saved in the results feed.

Work has begun on improving the geographic topics pages. Added ratings of users who have fully explored the topic (conquerors) and those who are exploring the topic (contenders) to all pages. Added descriptions of individual topics and blocks with a detailed list of questions for topics dedicated to country capitals.

Ranking of conquerors of the topic “Europe countries”.

State flags have been added to the test map by US states. Recall that you can disable the display of flags on the map in the map settings.

The flags of the states of Washington and Montana on the “US states” topic map.

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