New Geography Trainer

December 12, 2023

Meet the new Blitztest Geography Trainer, which replaces the World Countries Trainer. In addition to countries and capitals study in the new trainer many other objects of physical and political geography. The Geography Trainer database contains more than 18500 toponyms: seas, bays and straits, rivers, canals and reservoirs, deserts, mountain systems, etc. There are 45 types of geographical objects in total.

The initial screen of the trainer — the selection of geographical objects, search area and number of questions in the test.

The most significant geographical objects of the trainer are united by the authors of the project into a catalog of 206 topics grouped in the following sections: Largest geographical objects, Seas of five oceans, Eurasia, Russia, Russia — administrative objects, Europe, Europe — administrative objects, Asia, Asia — administrative objects, Africa, Africa — administrative objects, North America, North America — administrative objects, South America, South America — administrative objects, Australia and Oceania, Australia and Oceania — administrative objects, Antarctica, Other.

The key feature of the trainer is the Custom Map — a mode for creating your own maps and passing tests on them. The mode allows you to limit the search area and set the types of geographical objects to be tested or displayed on the map. For example, it is possible to create a test on capitals of states on the Danube River, regions of Canada or mountain systems and deserts of Asia and Africa.

Mediterranean — a combination of land and sea objects on a custom map of the Geography Trainer.

Other advantages of the trainer:

  • Brief help on all geographical objects.
  • A catalog of ready-to-learn topics: “Federal subjects of Russia”, “Volga Basin”, etc.
  • Advanced map and test settings.
  • Studying map objects using the Smart Repetition System.
  • Quick check of knowledge in the test.

The Blitztest Geography Trainer is a free tool for testing and memorizing the location on the map of physical and political geography objects, including those studied as part of the school program. Go to the trainer page to take a test on the world map or start studying geography.

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