Blitztest — the author’s project of programmer-enthusiast Alexander Martynov, a creative development aimed at creating a unique online environment for the development of memory, erudition and effective study of certain topics of the school program in a game form with rewards for academic excellence and goals achievement.
Alexander Martynov, Blitztest

Working on the project, I am gradually moving step by step towards the creation of the intended educational game, which will fully realize the spirit inherent in the Blitztest slogan — “Play to learn!”.

At different stages of development, specialists from different fields were involved in the project — programming and website design, writing texts and working with data, recording videos and preparing illustrations, setting up advertising campaigns and delivering orders, translating website materials into English and quality control. Some of the participants and their roles in the project are listed below.
Analyst, ecologist
Liza Martynova
Graphic designer
Sergei Martynov
Programmer, methodist
Katya Kopylova
Anastasia Kopylova
Anna Ryhlevskaya
Editor, tester
Dmitry Bursh
Elena Ryhlevskaya
Yaroslava Martynova
Tester, model
Denis Kopylov
Dmitry Surin